Bees in Winter

Bee hives in winter...

Did you know that Honey Bees don’t hibernate during the winter? They are actually very active.
A colony of bees will cluster up when the temperatures cool down in order to generate enough heat to keep the colony warm.
The colony will regulate the temperature of the the hive during the winter to range from the mid 80’s to the low 90’s; even when the temperature is well below zero outside.
Unfortunately, when it gets this cold, the bees have trouble breaking that warm cluster up to move and follow the food supplies (honey) around the hive. This is why bee colonies starve and die during long duration cold snaps.
Whether it is Sweet Endeavors Honey or another local beekeeper, please help support your local apiaries. Not only during this cold weather, but all year long. We all need and appreciate your support.
Sweet Endeavors Honey has the following products available for sale:
We have honey for sale in the following sizes:
- Honey Sticks (5 pcs.) - $2.00
- 12 oz. Bear.(Wildflower Honey) - $8.00
- 1 lb. Jar (Wildflower Honey)- $10.00
- 1 lb. Tub of Whipped Honey - $12.00
- 1 lb Jar of Comb Honey (Wildflower Honey and Comb in a Jar) $12.00
- 2 lb. Jar (Wildflower Honey)- $19.00
- 5 lb. jug Wildflower Honey)- $35.00
- 12 lb. (1 Gal - Wildflower Honey) - $55.00
- Honeycomb (Wildflower Honey) - $20.00
- Beeswax - 1oz. - $4.00
- Beeswax - 1 lb - $9.00
Check out our website at for more information or to place an order online.
To schedule a time to pick up a jar of honey call:
• In the Des Moines area text or call Dean at
(515) 525-8590
• In Story City contact Angie at
(515) 419-9863
• In Sioux City contact Tom at
We also offer curbside and contactless pick-up options to help keep you and your family safe. Just let us know when you place your order.
Thank you for your support of our locally owned and operated apiary. Our bees are all a buzz about it!

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