Spring Time with the Bees

Hives that have been split in the spring...


Spring Bee Box


New bees on an, "orientation flight" after being introduced to their new home in the spring.

Spring bees

Spring package of bees with some hitchhikers on the outside of the cage.


Notice the drone (male) bee left of center in the photo.  


Hint - Its the larger bee...


spring bees


More hitchhikers on a spring package of bees.

New bees
Queen bee ..

Another picture of a package of spring bees.  The Queen is in her cage in the center of that cluster.

queen bee

Installation of a new package of bees in the spring.  There is between 10,000 and 12,000 bees in package.

bees in spring

Queen bees are packaged in their own cage to protect them from being stung to death by the colony of bees.  In a few days the hive will have accepted her as their own and she can be released.


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