Sweet Endeavors Honey

Welcome to Sweet Endeavors Honey!

My name is Dean Coleman and I am the owner of Sweet Endeavors Honey.  

Founded in 2016, we are a locally owned and operated apiary conveniently located right here in Ankeny, Iowa.  

We currently manage several bee hives around the area and add more hives each year.  

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Bearding Bees

Bearding Bees


This is a colony of bees "bearding" on the outside of the hive on a hot summer day.  

They do this to cool off and help regulate the temperature inside the hive.


Bearded bees

I thought this was interesting...  The bees are only eared up on the "hive" sections and not on the honey supers.  Coincidence or planning??? 

Bees on a boxBeard bees

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