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Welcome to Sweet Endeavors Honey!

My name is Dean Coleman and I am the owner of Sweet Endeavors Honey.  

Founded in 2016, we are a locally owned and operated apiary conveniently located right here in Ankeny, Iowa.  

We currently manage several bee hives around the area and add more hives each year.  

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Summer Bees

Summer Bees

Did you know that during summer, a healthy bee hive will have around 50,000 bees in each colony and the vast majority of those bees are female?
Generally, a hive will have only 1 Queen Bee, a few thousand male bees called Drones, and the rest of the hive will be made up of female Worker Bees.
It is a colony of bees like this that creates the honey we so enjoy. Becuase the bees make perfect honey every time we never go in and change it. This means that our honey is always 100% raw, pure and locally produced so you know you can always count on a high quality food product for you and for family.
We have honey for sale in the following sizes:
- Honey Sticks (5 pcs.) - $2.00
- 12 oz. Bear.(Wildflower Honey) - $8.00
- 1 lb. Jar (Wildflower Honey)- $10.00
- 1 lb. Tub of Whipped Honey - $12.00
- 2 lb. Jar (Wildflower Honey)- $19.00
- 5 lb. jug Wildflower Honey)- $35.00
- 12 lb. (1 Gal - Wildflower Honey) - $55.00
- Honeycomb (Wildflower Honey) - $20.00
Check out our website at sweetendeavorshoney.com for more information or to place an order online.
To schedule a time to pick up a jar of honey call:
• In the Des Moines area text or call Dean at
(515) 525-8590
• In Story City contact Angie at
(515) 419-9863
• In Sioux City contact Tom at
We also offer curbside and contactless pick-up options to help keep you and your family safe. Just let us know when you place your order.
Thank you for your support of our locally owned and operated apiary


More bees hanging out on a hot summer day...

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