About Honeycomb

Honey strands pulled  between pieces of comb.

honey comb with honey

Here is a picture of some Swarm Queen cells on the bottom of a frame in spring.  


This is a sign that the bees are going to swarm if I don't get them split or more room made in their current hive.


queen's honey comb


Capped honey in the hive along with some ladder comb.

capped honey combs

Sometimes the bees get overly ambitious and build extra comb in places we don't wat it.  Depending on where they build it, its either burr comb or ladder comb... this is some burr comb.

burr ladder comb

... more burr comb.

burr comb

... and yet more burr comb.  As you can see its, not at all unusual.

burr comb

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